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Prepare for new 


If your partner is pregnant, then she isn't the only one who's expecting; there are two of you having this baby, and you're in it together.  You may feel super excited or you may have some mixed feelings about adding a baby into the mix.  Don't worry; both reactions are completely normal.  Regardless if you are excited or nervous, having the right guidance and support can help put you on the right path forward.


The Expecting Dad program helps fathers prepare for their new responsibility and support the mother.  Taking an active role in the pregnancy helps fathers really begin to see what their role is now and beyond.  When fathers let the mom know they are there to help, it reduces her stress.  Lower stress means a healthier environment for the growing baby.

If you are an expecting father and want to learn more, please call, email, or use the contact form in "Contact us" to start the conversation.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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