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Responsible Fathers is a community-based social service style organization to which fathers, mothers, and families turn for help.   Because one in three children (24 million) in America will sleep tonight in a home without their father, seeking to end father absence is one of the most socially responsible acts to which an individual or company can commit. 


Through our activities and direct involvement, our impact goes beyond simply promoting the importance of committed and engaged fathers.  No matter how little or big the donation, supporting the work of Responsible Fathers makes a tangible difference in the lives of children, parents, and communities.

Donate by Mail

Send your donation to:

180 Monroe Ave NW 2R

Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Donate Online

Fast & easy support for change.

Change for Good

A little change makes a big difference.


100 Father Campaign

Lead the change you want to see.

Philanthropy makes strong communities.

Corporate Sponsorship

IRA Charitable Rollover

Invest with a tax free distribution.*

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